Three "Afro Olmec" Drummers

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The first in our InfoArt™ Series. Click image to purchase.

Three Afro-Olmec drummers fire-tuning goat skin drums THUNDER tight.

Drum head rubbing, feeling the warmth ‘til the heat is enough. Swing the drum away to let it escape. Rub and tap listen for the right tune. Fingers tap slap drum skin. Stick doom finger tips to the rim; open palm to the centre. The sound is right sweetly ringing in the night.

Recent discoveries prove pre-European Afro-Olmec were of the Mende West African cultural group. “Hulmecas” AKA “Olmecas” AKA “Xi” [She] AKA “Xicayans” AKA “Lucayan” migrated to the Bahamas … in the Bermuda triangle. Mezo-American peoples came after the Olmec, later called Arawak the original inhabitants of… the Bahamas ….

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