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My Sister and Brother Classmates of the Big Red Machine (BRM):

A toast to our strong group relations that have endured a half of a century! We all touch our hearts in loving respect to the determination that kept this class spirit alive_ the one and only Karen, our group mother! Surely, we owe her for that, particularly in a world where unity is rare.

There was compelling talk at the reunion about our fifty year journey to responsible adulthood. Because we have lived long enough to have witnessed the passing of loved ones and friends, we know that it is indeed possible “we may not see one another again,” as was voiced by most. This made the pleasantries and laughter even more endearing as happy memories were shared back and forth. On all accounts, these were the ideal days that made us who we are.

I am tabling the following:

  1. Here is a call to reflect on the goodwill sacrifice and service from the Benedictine Monks and the Sisters of Charity. We see ourselves as fortunate because we are the heirs to their labours of Love. We recognise and appreciate the legacy. I am convinced, as a recipient, that we are duty bound to re-enact some of these principles, according to our light, individually or as a group. We shall have to search for ways to develop and leave sign posts on how to work together so that their tradition of loving service continues for generations to come.
  2. What are some practical activities that we can, will or shall engage in to respond to plaguing social situations? Should we or can we afford to care or not?
  3. Another thing, let’s address some issues affecting our youth. We can use our available resources. The most valuable of which is volunteerism. Do please tender your suggestions.
  4. From the look of things a schedule of informal, periodic meetings can provide opportunities for those who are able, willing and available to get together and discuss group probabilities and possibilities.

Volunteers? Oh, everyone? I’m speechless!

I am encouraged by the spirit of unity and togetherness embracing us. And as Rudy would say, “This is how we roll.” Believe me, the reunion was a respite from the competitive activities and hostilities in the hustle and bustle of modern life.

Incidentally, I have made us a page for chatting, scrapbooking and networking. Do let’s utilise this site as our social network. This is where I can always be reached and hopefully you too.

I am looking forward to seeing what is workable for you so we can walk together into another Golden Anniversary cycle.

It appears that it is now our obligation to do our part as senior members of society and as standard bearers of the Big Red Machine. Be mindful that we are parents, brothers, sisters, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends and erstwhile, institution, group and church members of the movers and shakers of today’s generation.

What do you think? Talk to me. “I right here.”

 I – ME – US – WE together,

Eric “Pat” Cash, President, Student Council,

St. Augustine’s College, Class of 1969

Ph: 356-4625 Mobile: 827-3555

For social media (Instagram, LinkedIn etc.) see menu.

We can post our comments and mutual volunteerism to this thread.

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