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Bahama Host Family! Welcome home!

Got great presentation skills? We can showcase* a video of your best tourism performance on the front page! Register today!

Registered members chat, post pictures and videos to the community wall, read articles and news. FREE account HERE!

Paid subscribers get: the above plus Tourism Professional profile page for the world to see; access historical and cultural data! Connect to a social network to better keep in touch with your international clientele and much more!

Get knowledge and wisdom. Order your Tourism E-Learning Subscription package today.


Subscription rate: (click target or "Buy NOW!" button.)

$ 11.00 - Monthly - ask questions, get answers.





$29.00 - 3 months - ask questions, get answers and download one traditional tour script.






$55.00 - 6 months - ask questions, get answers and download two traditional tour scripts.






$100.00 - 12 months- ask questions, get answers, download two traditional tour scripts + get a custom script and emergency consultations.




Follow instructions:

After placing order click HERE to register your Tourism Professional account.


Tourism sisters and brothers, here is where we inspire each other. We are the archipelago's Lovers of Oneness. We keep our real Bahamas mindset fresh, sparkly and true as our morning "dragon dew."

Here is where: we hail each other, gather and stay in touch.

We who truly love our Bahamas, can continue that inner search and research together.

We envision the perfection of future days in our sun, sand and sea isles.

We can continue our discussions; exchange ideas; post pictures and tell stories; have questions and receive answers; chat; share and keep up with the trends in our important Hospitality Industry.

"The Bahamas is Better because we make ourselves better. We help one another be better by doing better together."™

Register or subscribe today.


*Bahamas Up Close Media reserves the right to accept of reject any and all submissions.

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